International Conference on
"Innovative Solutions for Geotechnical Problems" in Honour of Prof. Erol Guler

22-23 June 2022 / Bogazici University, Istanbul - Turkey
IGS Turkish Chapter
In Honour of Prof. Erol Güler


Dear Colleaques,

As the organizing committee, we are pleased to invite you to the International Conference on "Innovative Solutions for Geotechnical Problems” in Honour of Prof.Erol Guler (ISGPEG2021)" in 22-23 June 2022 at the Bogazici University in Istanbul-Turkey. This conference aims to gather a broad range of recent innovations in geotechnical engineering; testing, modelling, monitoring, field applications and risk analysis under the main topics of geotechnical engineering, geosynthetics, geotechnical earthquake engineering, and environmental geotechnics.

During this conference we will be happy to honor the distinguished professor of civil engineering - Prof. Erol Guler which is known as the leading geosynthetics scientist in Turkey. Professor Guler has made valuable contributions to geotechnical engineering in general and to the use of geosynthetics specifically in Turkey and throughout the World. He was instrumented in both research and also in the design of many geotechnical projects.

We are looking forward to seeing academicians, students, manufacturers, practitioners and designers in the geotechnical field at the ISGPEG2022 Conference. We want to extend a special invitation to engineers in general contracting firms, who will widely benefit from the Conference by learning more about the innovative solutions in geotechnical engineering to provide extraordinary financial and technical advantages.

We can guarantee that the ISGPEG2022 Conference will be an opportunity for all who attend to experience a valuable technical program, a magnificent city, and the essence of warm Turkish hospitality. The ISGPEG2022 will be valuable to geotechnical researchers and practitioners interested in all aspects of geotechnical engineering.

We are looking forward to meet you in Istanbul to discuss creative and cost effective innovative solutions to geotechnical problems.

Ayşe Edinçliler
Conference Chair

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  • Properties and Testing
  • Geosynthetic Reinforced Walls, Slopes and Embankments
  • Roads, Railways and Other Transportation Applications
  • Pavements
  • Tunneling and Underground space
  • Deep excavation
  • Hydraulic Applications
  • Landfills
  • Geosynthetic Barriers
  • Drainage, Filtration and Erosion Control
  • Physical and Numerical Models
  • Soil dynamics and geotechnical earthquake engineering
  • Foundations
  • Soil improvement
  • Sustainable Development and Green Technology
  • Soil-Geosynthetic Interaction
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Long Term Performance and Durability
  • Special and specific Issues
  • Case histories



  • Deadline for submission of full papers
    May 16, 2022
  • Submittal of reviewers comments to the authors
    May 20, 2022
  • Early bird registration deadline
    May 27, 2022
  • Conference Date
    22-23 June 2022